Division of Cognitive and Behavioral Neurosciences

Department of Neurology, University at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

Dr. Tom Covey

Laboratory Manager
Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology

PhD – Neuroscience Program – State University of New York at Buffalo
MS – Neuroscience Program – State University of New York at Buffalo
BS – Brain and Cognitive Sciences – University of Rochester
Email: tjcovey@buffalo.edu
Phone: (716) 829-2099

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Research Interests
I am interested in the neural mechanisms that enable cognitive functions and contribute to individual differences in cognitive abilities. The assessment of brain function associated with stimulus/event categorization and resource allocation during working memory and attention are a particular focus.  Examining mechanisms of plasticity and dysfunction of these cognitive abilities is currently a major pursuit.  Many of the present projects I am involved in are aimed at understanding how brain structure and function are altered in clinical populations that compromise these cognitive abilities.